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How to Keep Customer Satisfaction High on Social Media

When a customer and customer support representative interact through social media, the experience is different than if communicating in person or over the phone. With social media’s popularity and use skyrocketing, it has become more challenging to maintain superior customer satisfaction.

Remember that customer satisfaction is the result of every interaction with a company. This includes the type of advertisements received, the efficiency of responses to problems, information provided about products or services, the caliber of uploaded content and videos, and so on. In other words, you have to create a positive experience with everything that you do.

Helpful Tips for Improving Customer Satisfaction

  • Quick Response – One of the most critical things that you can do to keep customer satisfaction is to provide a quick response, whether in real time or within an hour. Regardless if a customer has a complaint, is asking for information about a specific product or service, wants to know more about the company, or for some other reason, a quick response validates the customer. Not only does this show that you hear your customers, it shows that you are taking what they say seriously. When people are noticed, they feel important.

  • Proper Resolution – Instead of deleting customer complaints, take a different approach. Every time that someone raises a concern, act. Sweeping problems under the rug makes people feel ill at ease. It also makes them question the efficiency of operations, honesty of employees, and the overall integrity of the company itself. When someone complains, acknowledge that you hear and will take the appropriate action. Then, go one step further by following up. You will be amazed at how positively people respond.

  • Highlight Customers – Consider some type of promotional contest that gets customers involved. In addition to improved interaction, this gives you the opportunity to showcase your customers and their businesses. For example, use social media as a platform for hosting a video contest about what makes a customer’s business unique. The result is marketing exposure for you and your customers. Ultimately, this takes things to a more personal level, which for 2017, is a huge priority on social media.

  • Offer What Customers Want – Obviously, you have to determine your targeted audience, but from there, make sure that you market what your customers actually want. Maintain focus on the types of products or services that your customers are searching for, which improves satisfaction. Instead of people spending countless hours searching, they begin to feel more confident and trust you as a reliable source.

  • Make Conversion Easy – Prospects who are interested in purchasing a product or service want to be able to complete a transaction seamlessly. Therefore, it is imperative that you provide your potential customers with methods for easy conversion.

As stated by the Harvard Business School, if you increase customer retention by just 5 percent, your profits will increase 25 percent to 95 percent. By keeping your customers satisfied, your business will experience a new level of success.

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