How to Take Advantage of Trending News Stories on Facebook

When it comes to social media, Facebook reigns supreme. Even with recent challenges, like being flooded by fake news groups, this platform continues to rank as the most preferred and widest used. In addition to staying connected to family members and friends, Facebook is an excellent solution for business owners. However, many people want to know the best way to take advantage of trending news stories on this site, which is addressed below.

Keep in mind that just like other social media sites, Facebook is continuously making changes to improve the user experience. Although it takes a little bit of time to get acquainted with these changes, most of them have huge advantages for business owners. Therefore, it is worth the investment of time to learn what the changes are, how they work, and the right way to implement them into your business strategy.

Content Marketing

A great way that you can take advantage of trending news stories on Facebook is by writing superior content that ultimately markets your business. The way that you can benefit when creating compelling content specific to trending news stories is to use specific keywords. This will increase search engine traffic.

You can also build a stronger fan base by promoting your content and using a hashtag that correlates to a trending story. Just be 100 percent certain that your content includes information that your audience is interested in, particularly content that answers questions and solves problems. By doing so, your company becomes relevant, which is the primary goal with content marketing.


You may have thought that hashtags were only for Twitter users. The truth is that you can use them on Facebook as well. To encourage more people to view your page, use hashtags that are relevant to trending news stories, as well as stories that you post. For example, you can use hashtags to make a topic more personal, to add humor, to point out a certain subject within the topic, and to ask questions of your followers.

Facebook Ads

Whenever a trending news story relates to your type of business, take advantage of Facebook ads. This is important in that Facebook will start allowing advertisers to use hashtags as part of their marketing and advertising campaigns within the near future. In addition, as people search for trending stories online, there is a good chance that Facebook will reveal your ad once those individuals visit the site.


Regardless of which avenue you prefer to take, it is vital that you keep everything relevant. This includes content, videos, hashtags, Facebook ads, and so on. Even if trending news stories have absolutely nothing to do with your industry, get creative and find a connection. As you take advantage of these stories, you will begin to watch the numbers of followers grow and leads convert to bona fide customers. Overall, connecting with online trending news stories will help your business grow, which equates to more profitability.

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