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Get One Million Instagram Followers (In Two Hours, Maybe) 💪

So here's the thing, I've owned a social media agency for 6+ years, read more social media new/articles/blogs than most and I am active on most social platforms every day and guess what?

I have no clue how to get one million Instagram followers in two hours or 4 or 10 or 20. That's right, I click baited you into this blog because here is the brutal honest truth, no else knows either. There is no "silver bullet".

Yes Forrest, really. Sure you will find blog after blog, written by so called "experts", on how to get more followers but here is the one thing they don't tell you. In fact, this missing piece of vital information from every blog IS glaring. So what's missing?

YAAAAS....It takes time..Lots and lots of it.....If you are not a celebrity or an iconic business or brand, you gonna have to work for it.

Before we go any further on what actually works, let me debunk some Instagram follower building tactics like, BOTS.

Don't ever fucking use them. Have I made my point clear enough? Like, ever. It's cheating and if caught, your Instagram account will be cancelled.

And don't ever, never ever ever, never ever ever ever BUY FOLLOWERS.

It's like drawing stick figures on pieces of paper and surrounding yourself with them and saying "you are hanging out with friends". Their FAKE and NEVER do it.

Back to the business at hand, you need time, lots and lots of it if you want to build a a serious Instagram following.

But of course, there are some social operating procedures you will need to know too.

And in case you didn't know, my social operating procedure when it comes to disseminating information about social media platforms, is to provide information from the platform itself. Why? Because #fakenews and Russians.


Now the moment you have all been waiting for, how to build up your Instagram following with followers that will actually matter to your business or brand.

Right from Instagram: (Click the link if you can't read image)

Follow Instagram's guidance and scale your efforts to what you can afford or what you are capable of. Don't overthink it and keep it simple.

If you want to see some case studies to get ideas, Instagram has those to: (again, click the link if you can't read image)

That's it. Now go do it. Or here's the best idea, pay Social Babies to do it. We'll get it right. Just sayin.

I'm out....

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