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Window Shopping with Facebook Carousel Ads

What's better than one facebook ad? Five facebook ads.

Seriously though, brands and business can drive HUUUUGE amounts of traffic to their website at an EXTREEEEEMELY LOW cost per click with Facebook Carousel Ads. (this links to Facebook's how to page)

What's really dope is that you can use photos and videos in same carousel and each ad can link to a different web page.

This is one of Social Babies' client's facebook carousel ads:

The draw for the facebook user viewing these ads is that it gives them options. Opposed to one ad, where they scroll right by it if you don't get their attention immediately.

Carousel ads are the social media version of window shopping.

It doesn't matter if you are selling a product, service, promoting your blog or a series of events, carousel ads should be part of any paid advertising strategy.

It so choice.

So there you have it, I explained what facebook carousel ads are, I linked to facebook's how to set up page, showed a real life example and ended with an awesome analogy. What the F else where you expecting from this blog.

Now go do it or pay Social Babies to do it. Whatever works.

I'm Out!

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