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The Invention of The Blickie

So here I am, 48 minutes until I have to get on a ferry and go to an event in NYC and I need to write my daily blog. It's part of my new year, new me nonsense.

I know Ron. I know. But this whole blogging thing is part of my industry so I'll pay along but only playing by my rules, of course.

So I jump in 2 feet first and my fifth blog into this writing thing I create a new term for quick blogs.

Yes, you guessed it (or actually read the title), it's called a Blickie.

I know. I know. Take a seat if you have to. It's a lot to absorb. Shocking even.

So there you have it, a quick blog writing session is now called a #Blickie.

Facebook it, Tweet it, Snap it, Myspace it 😜, throw it up on Google Plus for a goof. Whatever.

I gotta go. Later!

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