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Become a Facebook #NewsJacker and Win!

I know. I know. You are asking "WTF is News Jacking?" Well, let's clear that up right now:

On Facebook, you find "trending news" on your desktop newsfeed, in the right column:

So now, what the F do you do with this trending news? How do you leverage it for your business or brand?

Well first, you leverage it by finding news that you can tie into your product, service or cause.

Next, you share the story with your Facebook fans and start a conversation by posing a question or giving your analysis on situation and asking for your fan's feedback.

Are you getting this? Are you still paying attention?

That's right, focus up. This is some really good shit I am trying to teach you.

Ok, just making sure you didn't start daydreaming.

So back to #NewsJacking...

Let me give you a great example of how to #newsjack a story...

Remember Chewbacca mom who became a Facebook hit because of her live stream? Don't remember?

Here it is:

Well, this women and her insanely funny laugh became the most watched Facebook live stream, ever and it flooded the Facebook newsfeed for days and weeks until Facebook invited here to their headquarters and gave her award for most watched live stream.

So how do you #newsjack a story like this for your brand or business?

If you sell a product, start a discussion asking if a video like this would make you buy the Chewbacca mask?

If you provide a service, engage your audience by asking them if silly customer testimonials make you want to try a service?

You see what I did there?

Good. I thought you would.

Just in case you are still wondering WTF I am talking about or if you are one of those "I need my shit in bulletpoints" people, here you go again:

1. Search for trending stories on Facebook.

2. Look for story with best tie back to your business.

3. Share story with your fans on Facebook and pose questions/request feedback to trigger engagement with your business.

That's it and that's it....Don't freaking overthink it.

Another amazing source of social media excellence has come to an end.

Until next time...


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