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Top 5 Facebook Fan Page Ideas

Did a Google search for "Top 5 Facebook Fan Page Ideas" and this was the first page result:

There are no "wow" ideas. Just basic Facebook tactics.

Enough is enough.

Because, imma bout to flip this shit kid....

The Top 5 articles I searched for basically tell everyone to do the following:

1. Ask questions

2. Post good photos and videos

3. Run contests

Ok. But, duh. SERIOUSLY, DUH!!!!!!!!

One, those articles Google put on first page are from a million years ago, so there's that.

And B, let's do this!!!

Facebook Fan Page Idea #1: Start using GIFs

You can find a wide array of GIF's on Sometimes you can add a relevant GIF to your posts. For example, during Christmas, I wanted to occasionally wish our fans happy holidays, so instead of using some boring static photo, I published posts like this: (click "like this" to see GIF playing)

GIF's just make posts more fun so start using them.

I don't want have to tell you twice.

Facebook Fan Page Idea #2: Live Stream w/ Facebook Live

Give your fans and customers a peek behind the scenes. Show them your product being made. Let them come with your to events. Whatever. Just start going live on Facebook.

Seriously, Facebook gave your business the same power tv stations have. Use it, NOW!!!!!

Facebook Fan Page Idea #3: Run Facebook Offers

Facebook gives you this awesome capability to run your own "Groupon" style offers right from your fan page:

Once you click the "Create an offer" tab, a easy to understand offer creation pop up window appears:

Creating your offer is as easy as it looks and all self contained like seen in image above.

Do it!

Facebook Fan Page Idea #4: Use Memes

First, so we are all on the same page, this is a photo meme:

This is a GIF meme:

And this is a video meme:

Just do a search for "meme" + whatever topic and boom, you will probably find hundreds of options.

I don't know any other better way to say this, memes are the shit.

Go find some and let the good times roll!!!

Facebook Fan Page Idea #5: Watch Pages and Borrow

"Watch Pages and Borrow" is not really an idea, per se. It's a tactic that will help you find ideas that are working for your competitors and similar brands and businesses.

How do you "Watch Pages"? It's Easy.

First, go to the Insights tab on your Facebook fan page scroll down to Page To Watch:

Next, you search for competing brands and businesses and watch them.

Specifically, see who is getting the most engagement, see what they are doing and then "borrow" some successful ideas for your page.

Remember, if you're not borrowing, you're not trying on social media.

And finally, if you want anyone to actually see all your wonderful Facebook fan page ideas, YOU HAVE TO BOOST YOUR POSTS!!!!

I'll get into boosting Facebook posts in another brilliantly crafted blog but until then, here is Facebook's explanation and how to for Boosted Posts.

That should be your reaction to this blog.

Now go make the magic happen.

Annnnnd I'm done with this blog....

Catch ya later!

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