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Does The World Still Need Youtube?

As I was typing the title of this blog, I remembered the scene from the new Superman movies.

No, not that new Superman...God NO!!!!

This new Superman:

But of course, there will only be one real Superman.

What the hell was I talking about again?

Oh yeah, does the world still need Youtube?

Well, let's give credit where credit is do.

They started this whole video sharing network thing. 10+ years and still going strong.

But with video so prominent on every other social network, has it devalued Youtube's contribution to the world?


We are proud of you, Youtube!

Yeah, video sharing is everywhere now but they started that shit and it doesn't look like you are slowing down one bit.

Does this look like they are slowing down?

Look at it like this, Youtube is to video sharing networks what Facebook is to social networks, a cornerstone network.

Being owned by Google has made Youtube the 2nd largest search engine in world.

Yup. That's what makes it so relevant.

Google has truly screwed up every other social network they have tried to launch (logged into Google Plus lately?) but they got it right with Youtube.

Especially how they seamlessly integrated videos into their search engine.

Don't believe me?

But I'm guessing my industry readers and aspiring social media mavens want to learn some best practices and cool Youtube tricks, or "Youtube hacks" as the kids are calling it now.

Here's the thing, they've been around for 10+ years. There is literally tens of thousand of articles and blogs that provide "the best Youtube ideas/hacks", so go find one and learn.

This blog was just letting you know that Youtube is still a very viable and necessary network, especially for brands and businesses.

Lucy gets it.

So, Mr. Brand and Mrs. Business owner, start producing content for Youtube, today!

I'm done with this blog now...

I'm out.

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