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5 Social Media Platforms to Explore in 2017

Regardless if you are just now starting to use social media or you have a successful business but want to make sure that you are on the right path to success, it is important to know which social media platforms are the most valuable. Since things change so frequently, it is imperative that you stay up-to-date on which sites are deemed the best each year, 2017 included.

The Top Five Sites

  1. Facebook – This social media site still dominates.

  2. Twitter – While Twitter has faced some struggles lately, it continues to be a popular social media platform.

  3. LinkedIn – For people in the professional world, LinkedIn is a force to reckon with.

  4. Google+ - Although it only debuted in 2011, Google+ is now the fastest-growing social network.

  5. YouTube – For watching and sharing videos, YouTube is the best site.

While you know that the social media platforms listed above rank as the top five, for 2017 there are many additional sites worth exploring. Following are five additional opportunities that you do not want to miss out on.

  1. Pinterest – Initially, Pinterest was more of a fun platform that allows people to create boards, and then pin, like, and share different items, including clothing, windmills, vintage furniture, recipes, and thousands more. Today this social media platform is much more. With roughly 10 million unique visits every month, this site is being used for businesses interested in networking, marketing, and advertising.

  2. Snapchat – Like Pinterest, Snapchat started out as one thing that has morphed into something quite different. This mobile-only platform is ideal for instant messaging. However, it is also used for sending photos and short videos that after being viewed, disappear in a “snap”. What makes Snapchat a contender for businesses is that it has a unique feature known as Stories. Using this feature, users can share snaps publicly. Because so many people use mobile devices to search information and having the ability to share to one party opposed to everyone, it has some advantages.

  3. Reddit – Although Reddit’s design leaves much to be desired, this social media platform is going strong. On this platform, businesses can discuss topics, but also share links, videos, and photos. With this platform, users vote submitted links either up or down. If you create strong and relevant links that get a lot of up votes, it brings visibility to your brand.

  4. Periscope – For live web video broadcasting, Periscope gets high marks. Using a mobile device, you have the ability to share important broadcasts that a viewer can replay whenever they want. For special users, this social media platform hosts private broadcasts.

  5. Slack – This communication social media platform is ideal for teams that need to collaborate and stay in touch on a regular basis. In addition to real-time messaging, it integrates with Trello and Dropbox.

With social media being a key component of business success, there is no question that additional platforms will appear in the near future. While you will certainly benefit from using the top five sites, never underestimate the power and potential of the lesser-known platforms.

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