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#SB 6: Whoa...That's a Fat Ad!

If you are looking to beef up your Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns, this is the podcast for you!

Social Babies' ad man, Nick Acampora, and James King go through 4 of their med-spa accounts and break down the following:

✅ Best type of social ad creatives

✅ How to build target audiences using lifestyle & interests.

✅ Appropriate social ad budgets for local businesses.

You will also get a lot of practical advice on how to shoot ad content, edit it, what offers to use and much more.

There is so much to talk & learn about when it comes to FB/IG ads. We are starting with this podcast as a foundation to all our other ad podcasts. A must listen!

Next AdCast (you like that?): How to boost posts, CORRECTLY!

For now, sit back, press Play and enjoy the "Whoa...That's a Fat Ad" Show.

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