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Toyota of Manhattan 

Client Objective: Using Facebook marketing, promote launch of #itsyourtime dealership campaign and drive Facebook users to Toyota of Manhattan website. 

Campaign Strategy: Capture customers and dealership staff, on video, explaining the benefits and experience of buying a car at Toyota of Manhattan. The 10-30 second videos are branded with #itsyourtime graphic and then utilized as "teaser" style Facebook ads, calling for users to click to website to learn more or receive a special offer. Ads are targeted at New York City residents who have shown an interest in Toyotas and/or purchasing a new or used car. 

Results: In the first 90 days of campaign, ads reached over 316,000 targeted Facebook users, there were 11,900 clicks to website (average $.30 per click) and 3,100 new Facebook fans were added ($.82 per new fan)

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