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Lions and Tigers and Facebook Ads, Oh My!

If you own a business or are a CMO for a brand, you need to start running Facebook Ads, TODAY!

Not later or next week or after your next quarterly meeting, right freaking NOW!

Seriously, WTF are you waiting for?

Do you need some guidance? Well, there are like 85 million websites that tell you how to set up Facebook ads. Seriously, like 85 million. Maybe 86. I haven't checked in the past 15 minutes.

In the interest of presenting the most accurate information available, let's go right to the source:

In an online world of #fakenews, Russians and other social media nonsense, going right to the online source for information, for any anything or anybody, should be the standard operating online procedure moving forward.

So there you have it...

Good luck and if you need help, holla at your favorite social media agency, Social Babies.

Peace out!

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