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#WTF is Twitter Good For? The 2017 Edition.

It is truly astounding how many brands and businesses still don't get Twitter.

It's not that hard to get people. Come on now.

Seriously, you are just tweeting your news, messages, thoughts, links to stuff in 140 characters or less.

No I am not kidding.

People try to make Twitter harder than it really is. It's like they are looking for the deeper meaning of the universe.

Like Twitter is some kind of Tom Cruise-y cult or something.

Well, it's not a cult.

It's a simple social network with a potential for huge impact for your brand or business, if you choose to utilize it. And why wouldn't you?

But how to use it? That's what you are probably asking at this point. Right?

I hear ya.

So, after my almost decade long use of social media, the best use for brands and businesses on Twitter is....

PR. Yes, Public Relations.

Well great because that's really the best use of Twitter for brands and businesses.

For some reason, media outlets and journalists gravitated to Twitter in the beginning days and have stayed active tweeting ever since.

Of course, you can post all sorts of other content on Twitter, and should, but as an actual tool for business, it is great for Public Relations.

So reach out and talk the media. Tell them about you. Your business. Whatever but remember this one very important piece of advice:

Keep it real and keep it exciting. Nobody wants to cover boring crap.

Next question you are asking is, how do I make it exciting?

Well, that's really up to you. I can't help you with that.

Only you know your business and the other insanely genius thoughts that go through your head.

Just make sure when you reach out to media and journalists on Twitter you are real, to the point and once again, sending them something that will really blow their mind.

So there you have it.

Use Twitter as a Public Relations tool for your brand or business.

If you are still wanting more info, needing more info, may I suggest you contact Social Babies and let us handle it for you.

Yes, I just crudely asked for your business at the end of this blog because we are REALLY good at this social media thing and hell, we trying to eat over here too. #$$$

Annnnnd that's all I have to say about Twitter right now..

I gotta go...

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