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You Pinterest? No? That's OK (maybe).

Here's the thing about Pinterest: It doesn't work for every business or brand.

We know you do, girl...

But first, we just want to make sure Pinterest is the best place for you to do your work.

Let's get to it...

31% of internet users (26% of all U.S. adults) use Pinterest and over 70% of them are women.

So, we can safely say women ❤️ Pinterest.

But which women? What are they pinning, re-pinning and creating boards of?

That's a really loaded question so I am go to post a snapshot from a Pinterest account that explains who uses Pinterest accounts.

Get it? Got it. Good.

Here you go: (click image below to see Pinterest account)

If you don't want to click the image and learn, that's fine.

I'm going to break it down for you real simple.

You know how we do.


So, businesses that should be using Pinterest? Here they are:

1. Fashion

2. Education

3. Event Planners

4. Fitness

5. Home Design

5. Self Help / Motivational Speakers

Those businesses plus any related industries are prime for a Pinterest strategy.

So what should that strategy be?

You gonna have to pay for that homies.

For real tho, I own a bangin' social media agency that does successful work for brands and businesses all over the world. #truestory

Ok, ok...You are not ready to become a client? I got you....

Just check back on this blog and I'll post some Pinterest strategies in the future.

Because, I care.

Annnnnnnd that's a wrap for this blog...

Farewell for now...

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