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The Top 10 Trending Topics for Pinterest Marketers Heading Into 2017

Considering that Pinterest has approximately 10 million unique visits each month and that this social media platform has evolved to become more business-focused, you do not want to overlook this site’s potential. For marketers, it is important to stay-in-tune with trending topics. For 2017, there are 10 such topics in particular worth taking note of.

Trending Topics to Focus On

  1. Health and Fitness – More than ever, many people are 100 percent dedicated to getting and staying healthy and fit. One trending topic, in particular, stands out: the abs. In the past six months, this topic has increased in popularity by a staggering 2,000 percent. If your business focuses on health and fitness, take advantage of this huge opportunity.

  2. Digital Branding – The digital world has exploded. Marketers know that to get and stay ahead, they have to change the way that branding is done.

  3. Women’s Fashion – Up in popularity by 800 percent, women’s fashion is another hot trending topic. Even if your company has nothing to do with this fashion, you can easily incorporate into your content to make it relevant. For instance, you can post information about the importance of dressing professionally for an interview or upcoming meeting.

  4. Life Events – Another trending topic on Pinterest has to do with wedding DJs. This topic has seen a 1,491 percent increase in popularity over the past six months.

  5. Blogging – This topic has been trending for quite some time with no real let up in sight. Blogs continue to be a huge part of any marketing campaign, making this trend relevant to every business.

  6. Travel and Cultural Events – Especially if your business involves travel services, you can use this trending topic to showcase the services that you offer. With a 1,450 percent jump in popularity, this too offers a number of marketing opportunities.

  7. Personal Interests – For this trending topic, there has been a 2,000 percent increase in popularity since last summer. Crystal healing is a specific interest in that it is a form of natural healing that protects the body from disease.

  8. Social Media – While Pinterest is certainly one of the top social media platforms used for marketing, there are others. As you search through the social media trends on Pinterest, you will learn important facts and gain information to make your marketing campaign more powerful and effective.

  9. Food and Buddha Bowls – Buddha bowls are a huge trend because they are healthy, easy to prepare, and delicious. Because so many people are interested in a healthier lifestyle, marketers can weave this trending topic to make it relevant to their business objective.

  10. Learning Spanish – Although English is the primary language in the United States, there are millions of Spanish-speaking individuals. For someone who wants to learn a second language, the 305 percent jump in popularity on Pinterest shows that Spanish is the preferred choice.

As mentioned, even if trending topics appear to have nothing to do with your business, they can. Find a way to use topics to your advantage. With a little bit of practice and creativity, you can come up with solutions that will have a definite impact on the growth and success of your company.

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