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The Sopranos Guide to Social Media

What can a tv show about the NJ mob teach you about social media? Fugetaboutit. For those verbally challenged in Jersey-ese, that means a lot.

First, you never rat on your family. I'm not really sure how this applies to social media but still good advice to live by.

Yeah, no one tells you how to cover your nut. Whatever you gotta do to make sure you keep your family fed is your business and you don't never need to explain that.

In social media, this means keeping it real. Don't be somebody you ain't. Tell your brand's story without getting all fake and shit.

Sure we do Tone....We understand another thing you always preach: loyalty.

A business must reward their loyal fans and followers on social media. Give them free valuable information or access to exclusive deals. Why you ask?

Loyal fans and followers keep your brand's reputation and bottom line growing, so show some freaking respect.

Not just yet there, Johnny Sacs. We still got some things to discuss so keep your ass planted in that seat before I smack ya.

Now what the fuck was I saying before this mook rudely interrupted me? Oh yeah, now I remember: respect.

Make sure you show your people respect. If they are liking, commenting, sharing and engaging with your brand all the time, kick them back some goodies. A free dinner or trip somewhere goes a long freaking way when it comes to follower (customer) retention.

Ooooh....Relax Uncle Junior. It's time to take your meds.

In freaking summary, be true to yourself, reward your loyal followers and from time to time, show them some respect by kicking back some really good goodies for being so loyal.

Tony agrees and that's enough for me.

Now get outta here and go do what I told or I'll smack ya.

Ooooh. Don't you listen...You're still here....Scram...

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