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Facebook Content That Works

How do you create the perfect Facebook post? What gets your audience to ignite and engage with your Facebook content?

All very good questions. Let's dig deeper into this.

First things freaking first, you need to define your audience.

Who are they? Men? Women? Both?

How old are they? Are they millennial ❄️ ❄️'s or Baby Boomers? Or both?

What are their interests? Are they into fitness, cooking, shopping, fishing, etc, etc.? (THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION YOU NEED TO ANSWER)

I'm hungry too but I really need to finish this blog so, yeah...

Anyway, defining your audience's sex, age and location are important because you will need this for your organic and paid social advertising targeting.

But as I mentioned, it's learning their interests that will give your Facebook content some UMMMMPH....

Knowing their likes and dislikes will allow you to develop content that speaks to your audience and NOT at your audience.

Let me give you a real life example.

That's what I said.

At Social Babies, we manage social media for Epic Manufacturing.

EPIC MANUFACTURING offers a complete line of HydroSeeding, HydroMulching, and Straw Blowing Equipment used by Landscapers, Site Contractors, Erosion Control Contractors, Landfills, Governmental Agencies, Firefighters, Energy Contractors, and many other companies and agencies around the world to establish vegetation, control erosion, mitigate dust, contain debris, suppress odors, and protect property.

After a few months of managing Epic's social media, we learned about their audience.

After a few days, we could deduce that Epic's social audience WERE NOT latte sipping, NPR listening members of the communist party.

After going through the personal profiles of a lot of the audience, we learned the Epic audience are outdoors people: Fishing, camping, hunting, four wheeling and so forth.

Yes, it was that easy.

Yes way. Seriously.

In the case of epic's audience, most of their fan's profiles had a common theme which was; appreciation for the outdoors.

It's what you do with this vital information that separates the pros from the posers.

In our case, we chose to produce and share content that focused around fishing, camping, hunting, four wheeling, etc.

Take a look at this recent post:

In less than a hour, the post organically received 11 likes, one comment and was seen by over 1000 people.

But why feature content not remotely related to a product or service?

That's easy. Cause I fucking said so.

Just messing with you but do you feel very, very sleepy anyway 😜

Seriously tho, the answer to your question is that people on social media want to be entertained and informed.

But mostly entertained,

Technically, it's social media but we get your point.

On the real tho, you entertain people by providing content about stuff they like. Nice and simple.


You continually build up good will and drive conversations around your brand's Facebook content and WHEN your audience is ready to buy what you sell, GUESS WHAT?

They call you. Fucking amazing, right?

No. You're amazing Tracy Ellis Ross from the hit show, Blackish. (side note: she is Diana Ross's daughter)

Be nice to people, make them smile, educate them a little and they will have no problem working with you and buying your product or service.

The funny thing is, this is nothing new. Been going on since the beginning of time. It's just about re-learning how to do this on social media.

Glad you approve, weird internet meme guy.

So the moral of this story is, easily learn about your Facebook audience by visiting their personal profiles and then proceed to produce content that your audience likes.

I'm just about done with this blog.

Later homies.

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