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Social Babies – Social Media Expert NJ

Social Babies – The Number 1 Social Media Expert in NJ

Are you tired of trying to get ahead of the competition using different strategies on numerous social media platforms with little to no success? If so, our team of creative and dedicated experts at Social Babies would love the opportunity to help you.

We are incredibly proud of our entire team that is tasked to provide each customer with an exceptional solution for achieving online success. Regardless of the size or industry of your business, our professionals will help.

Team Experts

Melissa C. is responsible for creating content that is informative, interesting, entertaining, and compelling. She has a firm grasp on the type of content required to influence both prospects and existing customers on social media. Instead of “fluff,” Melissa puts her creative thinking to work and develops content that grabs attention. Her content is proven to benefit in several ways, including boosting online presence, enhancing accessibility, building a brand, and, ultimately, solving problems.

Diana H. is the Outreach Specialist at Social Babies. In her role, she coordinates and executes integrated outreach and communication efforts. Along with being tech savvy, Dianna has excellent writing and editing abilities. Typical responsibilities include campaign execution, providing event and webinar support, conducting market research, and much more

Angelica G. serves as the Community Manager at Social Babies. In her multifaceted position, she brings several key skills to the table. These include creating and/or adapting content for each specific social media platform; uncovering, analyzing, and drawing actionable insights on data; reading current social media news; and driving results in a variety of other ways

James King is the CEO and Strategist, working hard to oversee every aspect of operations. He keeps a pulse on the business, ensuring that all team experts have what they need to make a difference for the customer. As the leader, other team members rely on his experience and expertise as well as their own to be the best social media experts they can possibly be

Regardless of the role that each social media expert in NJ has with Social Babies, there is a tremendous amount of work and dedication that goes into designing and developing different strategies. These include advertising campaigns, social media optimization, creative written or digital content, and so on.

To get your startup company noticed or to take your established business to a new level of success, it is vital to work with a social media marketing firm comprised of skilled experts.

Most importantly, the team should work as one unit. This allows better communication and coordination

for meeting, if not exceeding, your expectations.

Social media plays a huge role in today’s marketing and advertising. Without little to no visibility, your business will quickly fall to the wayside. You need a team of deep thinkers, those with creative minds that will devise innovative solutions that work.

At Social Babies, we do not have just one social media expert in NJ but many, all 100 percent focused and dedicated to helping you achieve great success.

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