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Keeping Your Social Media 💯

Listen up mr. and mrs. business owner, if you post one more, god awful in store flyer on social media, I need you to get out of social media.


In the name of all that is holy, it's 2017 not 1991. Nobody, I mean ZERO people on social media wants to see the flyer you made to hand out in your store. Cut the crap!

You gots to keep your social media 💯 .

WTF does that mean? That means you have to up your social media game. Straight up son.

You provide a product or service. They have specific benefits your customers love you for blah, blah, fucking blah.

Forget all that shit for a minute and let's get real.

Social media levels the playing field for any size brand or business. At a moment's notice you can post, tweet, pin and live stream any F'n thing you want, too pretty much the exact people you want to see it.

And here's the thing, your target audience wants to be entertained and informed on social media. It's the nature of the medium. So when I say quit posting your 90's style Limelight flyer on social media, I say it because I don't want you to lose with social media.

I care.

Alright, alright. Enough with the mushy crap.

I am going to impart some wisdom on you that will help you produce content your social media audience will enjoy and engage with.

Actually, not weird at all.

Because all you need to know is this:

Just Be You!

But seriously tho, you do. You own or run a business and that's impossible for most people to do. Give people a peek into what goes into running that business. The good, the bad and all the crazy stuff in between.

That's what your social media audience wants.

Your cell phone is the new tv studio. You literally have light, camera and audio in your pocket all day.

Use them all and do it a lot. Starting right now.

Seriously, like right now.

If you want to keep your social media 💯, you need to begin to bond with that $500+ multi-media computer in your pocket.

And yes, you will probably suck at it in the beginning.

But that's ok because we all suck at everything in the beginning.

Remember that whole sitting up thing. It took a few times before you go it.

So that's pretty much as far as I want to go with this blog.

I don't want to dig to deep. First things first.

Start streaming, taking video and snapping pics everyday and then come back to this blog after a month or so. I'll have some more top level shit on how to jazz up your photos and videos.

Or, and I'm just floating this out there, you can call me at Social Babies and you can pay us to help you. Just sayin...

I ain't running a charity over here 😜

See ya!

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